Staffordshire Pottery John Liston / Paul Pry Mug (sm)


Staffordshire pearlware mug in the form of the head of the actor John Liston playing the part of Paul Pry, with his famous catch phrase ‘Just Dropped In’ impressed along the hat band. Decorated with overglaze enamel colours, wearing a brown coat with green bow tie.
Circa: 1830
Height: 9.20cm (3.62 inches)
Condition: Chip to edge of base, just below bow tie, partly painted over.
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Price: £ 95 including p&p

*John Liston was one of London’s leading comic actors during the Regency period and the first comedian to command a salary greater than that of a tragedian. An early specialist in Cockney parts, he first found fame playing the buffoon in a double-act with Charles Mathews, Snub-nosed, red-cheeked and enormously broad-bottomed, Liston had only to appear on stage to set the audience laughing. He shrewdly chose costumes to accentuate his comic appearance and specialised in physical gags and easy humour. His most famous role, Paul Pry, in John Poole’s comedy of that name, set the standard for every later performer of the part.

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