Staffordshire Gardener & Mate


A nice quality pair of early Staffordshire pottery square base figures titled ‘Gardener’ and ‘Mate’.
Attributed to Ralph Wood of Burslem (note the 3 lines around the base but not across the back) similar figures are illustrated by Myrna Schkolne in vol 1 of her (4 vol) ‘Staffordshire Figures 1780-1840’.
There are minor variations, some were made without bocage, some with. This pair originally had bocage which is now missing, the stumps have been neatly rounded over which I think is better than trying to replace the foliage. I think they actually look better without….
These figures have a Georgian elegance combined with the naive charm of Staffordshire – just gorgeous!
There are minor differences to the colouring of the tree trunks, probably due to a mix up at the factory.
Date: circa 1785-90
Height: 8¼” (21cm)
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Minor restoration to her flower & his pot plant only.

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