Pratt Ware Figure of a Broom Seller.


Early 19th century Yorkshire pottery small figure of Madame Elizabeth Vestris as a broom seller.
Pearlware decorated with high temperature ‘Pratt type’ underglaze colours.
* From the Rodney Bewes collection of English theatrical figures.
Circa : 1830
Height : 5¼” (13.5cm)
Condition : Restored through ankles & to the ends of brooms in left hand.
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*Lucia Elizabeth Vestris (1797-1856), better known as Madame Vestris, was an English actress whose appearance and voice had brought her acclaim on the English stage by 1820. She is best known to Staffordshire figure collectors as “The Broom Girl” because in 1826 she popularized the song “Buy a Broom” and sang it on the London stage it attired as a Bavarian broom seller. [Myrna Schkolne,]

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